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1 per package.

Weight range .8-1.1 lb

Lamb Leg Steaks


Weight range:

Medium: 3.75 – 4 lb.

Boneless Leg of Lamb


Weight range: Approx: 1.75 lbs

Bone-In Lamb Shoulder


Weight: Approx. 3.8 lbs

Lamb Loin Roast


1 lb. pack

Lamb Link Sausage: Hot or Mild

(Please specify when ordering)


1 lb pack.

Ground Lamb


Packaged in 1 lb packs.

Lamb Stew Meat


1 lb. Packs

Ground Lamb Sausage: Hot or Mild

(Please specify when ordering)


Weight range: Approx. 1 lb. pack

Lamb Breast


Approximately 2.25 lbs.

Lamb Shanks


Cut Lamb Shanks (Osso-Bucco)



Size varies.

Lamb Heart


Size varies

Lamb Liver


Approx. 1 lb. pack

Soup Bones


2 per Pack

Lamb Testicles


2 per Pack

Lamb Trachea


Approx. 4 oz. Pack

Lamb Kidney


2 per Pack

Lamb Spleens


Tripe is a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals. Most tripe is from cattle and sheep. World Tripe Day is celebrated on 24 October, according to the Tripe Marketing Board, because in 1662 Samuel Pepys wrote on that day "So home and dined there with my wife upon a most excellent dish of tripes of my own directing."

Lamb Tripe


1 lb. Pack

Lamb Lungs


Shipping Information

We normally ship on Monday, Tuesday or possibly Wednesday by FedEx Express or Home Delivery for delivery at a low $34.95 flat rate or FREE for orders over $250.00. Although we attempt to ship your order as soon as possible there may be a delay especially during the fall and holidays. Please let us know if you have a specific delivery date requirement and we will do our best to accommodate. If this requires overnight shipping there will be an additional shipping and packaging charge.

Our lamb meat is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed for freshness and then frozen. We hand pick and pack each order to ensure your products are received in optimal condition. Each package includes a re-usable insulated cooler, insulating liner and subzero gel pack to maintain the appropriate temperature for your products.

Visit the Shipping Information tab for more details on shipping and how to store and thaw our products when they arrive at your home.

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