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Raw Pet Food

All Natural 100% Lamb

Because you love your dog so much, you want to give him the best nutrition possible. Lamb dog treats are the perfect choice for your furry friend for an all natural dog treat. Our all natural dog treats are great grain-free alternative to standard kibble, with no added ingredients or preservatives and a range of potential benefits. Please consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet.

Our dogs are so much more than just pets – they are our best friends and part of our family. They often have important jobs, such as watching over animals, guiding a person with a disability, providing emotional support, or even sniffing for bombs or pursuing criminals.

We offer all natural dog treats in the form of raw bones. Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are soft, moist and flexible. When fed raw, at a size appropriate for the age and chewing experience level of your dog, bones can offer many benefits. We offer raw lamb dog treats here. Please do not feed your dog cooked bones as they can splinter and injure your dog.

Raw bones deliver glucosamine, calcium, phosphorus, and can be rich in omega 3 fats. As a result, your dog may experience improved skin and joint health and firmer stools. Additionally, raw bones satisfy your dog’s natural chewing cravings and make the perfect all-natural toothbrush for his pearly whites.

With his large teeth, strong jaw and short digestive track, your dog’s body was made to eat meat. We kept this in mind when curating our lamb dog treats, and our other all natural dog treats. Most manufactured dog foods contain a variety of additives, preservatives, and grain fillers. The naturally carnivorous dog does not have the system to cope with these extra ingredients and may suffer from allergies, dental problems, low energy, obesity and a lower immune system.

A diet of raw and all our natural 100% lamb meats, in ground and chunk form, can give your dog a leg up on any health problems he may have. These all natural dog treats are a great healthy, human-grade option! Our Raw Pet Food & Treats are all natural 100% lamb meat & bones with no additives, preservatives, or other ingredients added ever!

Throughout your dog’s life, he has likely eaten plenty of the standard proteins found in most commercial dog foods, such as chicken, pork, turkey, and beef, even in other all natural dog treats and food. The more often your dog eats a specific protein, the harder it may become for his system to break it down. His body may start to see that protein as a toxin and create defenses to ward it off, which can result in symptoms of food allergies.

Rotating your all natural dog treats with novel proteins, such as lamb dog treats, into your dog’s diet can help prevent allergies before they start or stop them in their tracks. Because these proteins are not typically found in commercial foods, dogs with sensitivities and allergies especially welcome them.

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